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          Grandiose 2010 
The Grand River Water Shed
  Colour - Shape - Texture        


I will be capturing images using field studies and photography throughout the Grand River Water Shed using these images as inspiration and stepping stones in the creation of “LANDSTRACTS” abstract landscape paintings.  These studies will involve travelling throughout the water shed area on rivers, paths and less travelled roads capturing images depicting the spirit of the landscape which has been forgotten given our busy lifestyles.  These studies will be assembled into approximately 50 image triptage-collage pieces to be shown as an introduction to the paintings within the “Grandiose” project.  Approximately 20 large format paintings will be produced inspired by the field studies.  These paintings will focus on the Colour, Shape and Texture of the water shed, showing a new perspective on a traditional subject matter. Combining the studies and paintings into a single gallery space will allow the viewer the opportunity to appreciate the scale of the project and see the processes behind the creation of the final abstract paintings.

    Nith River  Spting  2010

    Grand River Spring Runoff  2010

    Bannister Reflection Spring 2010 

   Reflections 2010  Acrylic and Lacquer on Canvas (24" x 48")

    Nith River Road Spring 2010 

   Grand Grass Acrylic & Lacquer on Canvas (20" x 40")

    Grand River Early Winter Ice  2009

    Rockwood Swamp  Summer 2010

   Nith Sycamore Acrylic & Lacquer on Canvas (24' x 48")

Iron Copper Abstract  Acrylic & Lacquer on Canvas (36" x 48")


 Nith River Late Autumn  2009                Nith Pond Autumn  2009

   Gorge Waters Acrylic & Lacquer on Canvas (36" x 48")

   Speed River Early Winter  2009

   Riverbank Evening  Acrylic & Lacquer on Canvas (24" x 48")