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Garageart   (September 8th to Oct 18th 2011)
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Our vehicles and the paths that connect them to us are an integral part of our lifestyles and communities.  "GARAGEART" revolves around the colours and chrome used in the car industry during the 50's, 60’s and 70’s.  Photographic explorations along with abstract paintings will focus on reflection, illumination and radiance, all key components in the design of these cars from our past.   Sharing design images from days gone by and then using these images to create contemporary paintings is my process of turning NOSTALGIA into ART.

    V8 Chrome

   Block Two Abstract Acrylic and Lacquer on Rubber

    Light Brown & Chrome

    Mustang Blue & Chrome

New paragraph

   Painting AMC RWB 30" x 40" Acrylic and Lacquer on canvas

   Beige & Chrome

   Golden Ray

   Light Blue & Chrome

       RS Red & Chrome